Photos by Elissa Stolman

Two years ago, Junior Boys disappointed fans and ignited the blogosphere by canceling its set at New York’s Webster Hall mid-show due to technical difficulties. Although the band suffered disapproval after the incident, at least fans had something to talk about.

The same cannot be said for last night’s record release show at Webster Hall. The band played a technically stable and sonically tight, diverse set that included a number of tracks from the new album, It’s All True (Domino), but the three performing members barely moved during the show’s length. When frontman Jeremy Greenspan stood to sing a slow number five songs into the concert, he warned the audience that he was about to leave his perch behind the keyboard—or maybe it was to prepare himself for the most physically demanding part of his performance. Generally, movement in the audience was limited to circulation to and from the bar or bathroom and phone-checking, except when the boys pulled out hits like “In The Morning.” Band member Matt Didemus relied on his V-neck cuteness to draw interest toward his end of the stage, where he entertained a slightly more compacted sector of the loosely packed audience with catchy electro-indie melodies and the occasional brooding pose with his Stratocaster.

Greenspan, who displayed somewhat more energy onstage, limited his between-song chats with the audience to reminders about the new album. After the opening number, “Parallel Lines,” Greenspan tossed a plaid Fedora into the audience—a token from Fundora, the three-piece joke band that took the stage before Junior Boys, claimed to be from Winnipeg and played a few probably improvised numbers including “Nobody Likes Your Dad.” According to a Fundora friend in the balcony, the trio formed the night before the show and included Roots bassist Owen Biddle and a writer from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.