New Jersey native and Wisconsin implant Julian Lynch has announced the release of his third LP, Terra due out this spring via Underwater Peoples. Lynch recently shared the cover art for the LP featuring ten tracks of his ambient pop.

Studying music of different cultures, particularly non-Western cultures, the aspiring ethnomusicologist has studied guitar, clarinet and drums, which he played in the band Hairizona while working for Smithsonian Folkways. While studying in Scotland, Lynch collaborated with Gary Caruth of Glaswegian one-man- band Sad City, before moving to Wisconsin to pursue his master’s degree.

Lynch released Born2Run, Birthday, and Garden Is Adventure as CD-R’s, along with two LPs in 2009 and 2010 titled Orange You Glad and Mare.

Tracklist for Terra:

01. Terra

02. Clay Horses

03. Fort Collins

04. Canopy

05. Water Wheel One

06. Ground

07. On Eastern Time

08. Water Wheel Two

09. Disappointment

10. Back