Riff Raff – Photo by Annie Lesser

At last year’s Jubilee, CMJ predicted that a local electronic fusion artist with barely 1,000 fans on Facebook was going to be the breakout star of the year. That performer was Robert DeLong, and low-and-behold, he now has over 20,000 Facebook fans, was recently on Letterman, and is a music festival king, having played last year’s CMJ, Coachella and Governor’s Ball, and scheduled to play Summerfest, Lollapalooza, Treasure Island and more. Jubilee is a place for discoveries.
While there wasn’t a DeLong-level break-out star this year, there were stand-outs like the relatively green Calvin Love. Looks-wise, Love has an uncanny likeness to Ian Curtis, but instead of the signature earnest hostility that Curtis has in his voice, Love sings with a more sultry determination, imploring you to listen. His music sounds as if Ben Gibbard and composer Richard Hartley took some sedatives and made a lo-fi garage band. Although he still needs to polish his show and figure out how to hone his sound a little more, Calvin Love is definitely a performer to watch.
Cayucas was another under-the-radar band who held their own on Jubilee’s second day. With their Beck-meets-Vampire Weekend sound, they had the crowd dancing wildly as the sun set in the background. The final non-DJ set of the night was from The Drums. This was the band’s first show in eight months, and although they delivered, lead singer Jonathan Pierce’s dance moves were just not as high energy as they usually are. Pierce seemed to warm up by the end of the show though, when he began swaying his body in his signature spazzy ways. Data Romance were also on hand to keep things solidly up in space and Riff Raff adorned the stage with bikini-clad women.
Photos by Annie Lesser.
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