Black Lips – Photo by Annie Lesser

The Jubilee Music and Arts Festival (formerly the Silver Lake Jubilee) has uprooted itself from Silver Lake and dropped itself in the warehouse section of the Los Angeles Arts District. Because of the move, the fest no longer has the warmth and charm of being a community-based event supporting neighborhood businesses and, while last year’s festival prided itself on being eco-conscious, there were no recycling bins or water filling stations this time around.
Despite these minor disappointments, the fest delivered, musically-speaking. Even with corporate sponsorship, the festival had the frenetic energy of a DIY show. The security guards let a crowd surfer hang backstage after he made it past the barricade during the Black Lips set, while Trash Talk vocalist Lee Spielman spent his time instigating multiple circle pits as he crawled in and out of the audience, and people felt free to smoke inside all of the indoor stages as they swigged at their smuggled-in flasks. Despite Robert DeLong’s absence from this year’s festival, you could consistently spot audience members covered in the face paint art of Heidi Callaway, DeLong’s resident face-painter.
While Spielman showed his punk colors, and both Black Lips and Bleached delivered amazing sets, it was Chloe Chaidez, lead singer of Kitten, who was probably the most rambunctious performer of the evening. She scaled speakers, and grinded against the heads of audience members, whipping her asymmetric hair and making sexual gestures every chance she was given.
Most of the audience left after the Black Lips set, as the remaining stages just had DJs performing, but those that lagged behind were treated to a spirited Free Energy set, filled with kicks, hair flips and guitar riffs. Some people were even drawn back to the venue, bicycles in tow, as they heard the tones coming from the stage during this midnight set. A group of audience members used the extra space to choreograph line dances, finishing off day one with giggles and cheers for Paul Sprangers and company.
Photos by Annie Lesser.
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