Jolie Holland is set to release her fifth and most dynamic studio effort, Wine Dark Sea, on May 20 via Anti-. On this album, Holland amplifies her already folksy, Americana sound with jazzy and bluesy vibes from collaborating musicians like Doug Wielselman and Indigo Street among others. The result is a funky, brassy groove with traditional and experimental elements to keep you on your toes all night at your favorite jazz bar.
Holland gives us a sample of her new energy with the video for Waiting for the Sun which features the songstress and her band performing in front of a lively and eclectic crowd who look like they can’t get enough! (Truth be told neither can we.) Check out the video and tracklist for Holland’s Wine Dark Sea below.

Tracklist for Wine Dark Sea:
01. On And On
02. First Sign of Spring
03. Dark Days
04. Route 30
05. I Thought It Was The Moon
06. The Love You Save
07. All The Love
08. Saint Dymphna
09. Palm Wine Drunkard
10. Out On The Wine Dark Sea