Photo by Jennifer Juniper Stratford

Experimental musician John Maus is due to release his new album, We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves on June 28 via Ribbon Music. The album promises to deliver a packed series of whooshy ambience and blissed-out baritone vocals. Maus became known by association with chillwave dudefather Ariel Pink, and quickly proved to be an even more left-of-center presence than Pink himself.

Maus has a pretty contentious history as a result of his experimental artistic sensibilities—when you aim to stretch the boundaries of what electronic pop can sound like, you’re bound to stir the pot a little. Those with attention spans might note that CMJ wrote about his debut album Songs back in 2006, “It took this Ariel Pink cohort five years to write and record his debut album, and only five minutes to become more annoying than Ariel Pink.” Maus remembers—he posted it on his website.

The Austin, Minnesota artist is going to Austin, Texas next week for SXSW, playing two shows—his only dates so far. Meanwhile, Maus is studying for his PhD in Political Science while teaching political philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It would be awesome if he released his next album as Dr. John Maus, just because he could.

One of the album’s tracks, “Quantum Leap,” acts as a preview to the entire LP and is below.

Tracklist For We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves:
01. Streetlight
02. Quantum Leap
03. …And The Rain
04. Hey Moon
05. Keep Pushing On
06. The Crucifix
07. Head for the Country
08. Cop Killer
09. Matter of Fact
10. We Can Breakthrough
11. Believer