Photo by Annie Lesser

One word: nostalgia. The strength of that feeling grows as we get older. So it was astounding the rush that flooded over many of the audience members in the Palladium, considering they were mostly in their later-20s and haven’t fully encountered yet the memory pangs that come with age, though maybe they are suddenly getting their first fulltime jobs and moving on from college or out of their parents homes.
Jimmy Eat World hit the height of their popularity in the early aughts when many of the audience were either just leaving middle school or peaking their high school years, and the band tapped straight into that time in the crowd’s life. The show was designed to transport these millennials to a simpler time, from frontman Jim Adkin’s perfectly messy emo bangs that he flipped with the precision that comes from years of practice, to all the band members’ not-quite skinny jeans, to the fact that even the newer songs off the recently released Damage (RCA) still contain the pop punk sensibilities of earlier Jimmy Eat World Tracks which set people jumping in a joyous tizzy.
Photos by Annie Lesser.
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