Chunklet is releasing a double LP vinyl edition of the soundtrack to CLUB, the documentary of the Jesus Lizard’s 2009 reunion tour. Resurrected after ten years, the Jesus Lizard brought its brand of noise/industrial rock back to play festivals in New York, Chicago and England, with the original lineup and a classic setlist. How nice for us that this limited edition color vinyl print will be arriving in time for Christmas.
The Jesus Lizard was not born on December 25, however. The brainchild of Duane Denison, the group came to be in Texas, in 1988, when Denison would recruit two noise rockers from the band Scratch Acid, David Yow and David Sims, as well as a drum machine. Duane Denison would replace the drum machine once the band moved to Chicago. But, six albums and 11 years later, the band was Splitsville.
Despite splitting a single with Nirvana at the height of the grunge/alt ’90s boom, and a record deal with Capitol, the Jesus Lizard caught on only with those in the know. Since its reunion tour was perhaps the band’s last ever assembling, it behooves you to snatch up this collector’s item and either play it incessantly or wrap it in plastic to hang on your wall, depending upon your level of reverence.