Chicago tattoo artist Jef Whitehead has been accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend. The 42 year-old, cited by Blabbermouth as metal musician Wrest and the man behind the band Leviathan, was charged with criminal sexual assault and aggravated domestic battery on Sunday, after attacking his girlfriend in a home attached to a tattoo parlor in Chicago’s West Side.

It is alleged that Whitehead choked and beat his 26 year-old girlfriend unconscious by slamming her head against a floor. Sources also report that he sexually assaulted the woman using his tattoo tools, and attacked her with a pair of scissors. The woman was taken to the University Of Illinois Medical Center in a fair to serious condition on Sunday.

Whitehead appeared in court on Sunday and is being held on a bail of $350,000.

Leviathan was a Californian one-man black metal band masterminded by Wrest during the late ’90s. A number of releases were recorded under this moniker before he retired it some odd ten years later, whereby Wrest continued to record under the name Lurker Of Chalice. In addition to these two solo projects, Wrest is also a member of the band Twilight, considered to be a “black metal supergroup” of sorts, with the group’s latest album Monument To Time End released by Southern Lord last year.