British industrial bass duo Vex’d may be on hiatus until further notice, but that’s not stopping its constituents from churning out new goodies. Jamie Teasdale, also known as Jamie Vex’d, is set to release his debut solo LP, Severant, on October 17 under his other name, Kuedo. Planet Mu, the label that released his earlier work with Vex’d partner in crime Roly Porter, has unveiled a stream of the upcoming album for fans eager to check out Kuedo’s new style. Gone are the gritty bass wobbles, replaced with equally spooky and dark synth melodies.
Since putting Vex’d on hold, Teasdale has relocated to Berlin and produced several EPs, including the 12″ release of Videowave. In a new city, Teasdale was able to explore the more abstract, glitchier territory of the low end, which he says is the kind of sound he has always wanted to craft. The blogosphere is echoing names like Flying Lotus to describe Kuedo’s new direction, which does capture the astral daydream sound of Severant.
Tracklist For Severant:
01. Visioning Shared Tomorrows
02. Ant City
03. Whisper Fate
04. Onset (Escapism)
05. Scissors
06. Truth Flood
07. Reality Drift
08. Ascension Phase
09. Salt Lake Cuts
10. Seeing The Edges
11. Flight Path
12. Shutter Light Girl
13. Vectoral
14. As We Lie Promising
15. Memory Rain