Probably not his best angle

Holey mother of trousers, Stones Throw’s resident when-loony-meets-genius James Pants has emerged out of the tranquil depths of Spokane, WA, with new music. To the delight of us (and probably you) his self-titled album (originally called Love Kraft) is set to drop April 19. To give an honest evaluation, it contains 14 tracks of ridiculousness. We’re feeling rock, we’re feeling new wave, we’re feeling the groove, we’re feeling good, we’re feeling great—how bout you?

The son of Presbyterian ministers, Pants’ fortuitous meeting with Peanut Butter Wolf occurred after his prom in Austin, where the Stones Throw big man was spinning. After that, Pants interned at the L.A. label, eventually signed to it and has since released two studio albums along with a bunch of other crazy stuff. He’s pretty eccentric in general, as this here Curry King video and his blog prove.

To get a feel for Pants’ new tracks, listen to this schmoove funk cabaret jam “Alone” and download it below. The sax is so good it hurts.

Tracklist For James Pants:

01. Beta
02. Every Night I Dream
03. Clouds Over The Pacific
04. A Little Bit Closer
05. Strange Girl
06. Screams Of Passion
07. Incantation
08. Kathleen
09. Body On Elevator
10. Darlin’
11. Alone
12. These Girls
13. Dreamboat
14. Epilogue