Even though James Pants is a curry king, probably straight-edge kind of guy, with its neon colors and Magic Eye (Who remembers Magic Eye? Cross your eyes and then uncross to reveal the wonder.)-style trippiness, the video for “Clouds Over The Pacific” obviously needs some kind of drug reference. The clip embodies the celestial grandeur/patchouli hippiness of director Iasos, pronounced “ya-sos”—we knew you were wondering—who, according to his totally rad website is “one of the original founders of ‘New Age’ music.”
The track itself comes from Mr. Pants’ self-titled album, which was released earlier this year to less pomp and circumstance than it was entitled. As Peanut Butter Wolf told us back in May, “James Pants’ third record came out last week with little media attention, but it’s one of the best records in the history of the label in my opinion.”
Behold the wonder:

If that’s giving you warm fuzzies in the spiritual region, best check out the Pants Man live, as he hits Brooklyn tonight, followed by a few select dates below.
Tour Dates For James Pants:
08/16 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands Gallery
08/17 – San Francisco, CA – Clift Hotel
08/19 – Los Angeles, CA – Direct To Disc *
08/20 – Los Angeles, CA – Mondrian Hotel
08/23 – New York, NY – WFMU Radio
08/23 – New York, NY – Other Music
* With Dam Funk and Steve Arrington