Multi-instrumentalist James Pants of Spokane, WA, has—well—worked his pants off to get to this point in his career. After introducing himself to the founder of Stones Throw, Peanut Butter Wolf, while he was still in high school, Pants worked his way up within the label until he was eventually signed and released his debut LP, Welcome, in 2008. Now, only three years later, James Pants is releasing his self-titled third album featuring 14 tracks of ’80s-influenced absurdity.

While listening to James Pants you can almost imagine the super-nerd geeking out in the studio over his electro-style synthesizers and goofy samplers. But despite the album’s clear influence from an era of musical embarrassment, James Pants takes us on an exploration between the modern pop world and the dark trends of the 1980s. Tracks like “Incantation” blur the lines dividing these distinct techniques, inviting a combination of airy synthesizers and distant, processed drum kits with intimate female vocals occupying the core of the track’s sound. Similarly, “Darlin’” is driven by an up-tempo beat machine and Pant’s reverberant, deep vocals while crispy distorted guitars and soothing backing voices fill in the lo-fi sound.

For the eccentric young artist, James Pants once again makes the statement that Pants’ music has made many times before—he creates to celebrate his bizarre style, carefree of the expectations of mainstream audiences and trends. So if you’re in the mood for a little throwback to those laughable ’80s textures with some modern flare, and you’re down to geek out with Mr. Pants, throw on this self-titled LP and boogie down with the purveyor of fresh beats.