Today, James Brooks followed through on his intentions to pursue a more pop driven direction with his music. As of now Elite Gymnastics is in limbo and his latest solo endeavor, Dead Girlfriends, is at the forefront. His new project also shares the same name as his always insightful and occasionally controversial Tumblr. Given how outspoken he’s been about the music industry and some of its antics, it’s unsurprising that much of the EP’s lyrical content eludes to or outright calls it out. You can stream or download the 4-song Stop Pretending EP here.
Accompanying the EP is a video for “on fraternity.” it’s more of a lyric video with Brooks playing a Nintendo DS as the song’s lyrics and overhead view of a stream are projected onto a wall. The artwork for the EP was done by Claire Boucher, aka Grimes.
Aside from participating in Adult Swim’s single series last year the Elite Gymnastics project has been silent. As of today it is “technically a defunct project” and Dead Girlfriends can be assumed to take precedent. Stream the EP in its entirety here and watch the video for “on fraternity,” below.