If you don’t know much about Miami, take Jacuzzi Boys’ word for it. The title of the band’s sophomore album, Glazin’ (an album as lo-fi and surf/garage rock as could be), aims to communicate a certain Miami-ness that brings to mind beaches and babes more than Dexter’s body bags (which is what I know about Miami). “I just see it as a state of mind,” bassist Danny Gonzales told CMJ of the title upon the announcement of Glazin’s release. And so “glazin'” is the perfect one-word title for an album made about girls and sunshine and partying by boys with guitars and long hair in a trailer in a Florida state park, except that Glazin’ was recorded in Michigan. “We just bring the vibe with us wherever we go,” Gonzalez added.
Glazin’ brings the same feel-good tropical garage rock sounds as its predecessor, the band’s 2009 debut LP, No Seasons. The songs on Glazin’ range from uptempo lo-fi surf rock (“Vizcaya”) to slightly less uptempo lo-fi surf rock (“Crush”) to borderline glam metal (“Silver Sphere”) and revolve around the same themes: cute girls, chilling in the sun, drinking and playing music. This must be the state of mind Gonzales was referring to—a good-time, loosey-goosey hang-out-in-the-sun state that produces sweet, boyish rock songs. From the reverb on guitarist Gabriel Alcala’s high singing voice to Diego Monasterios’ clean and well-defined drum beats, Glazin’ exudes the simplicity of straightforward garage rock, no punches pulled. There’s not much noodling around on the guitar or aimless jamming—just simple guitar licks, simple lyrics and rollercoastering bass.
Like the retro rockers of the Mooney Suzuki, Jacuzzi Boys’ lyrics compose one of the band’s most charming attributes. On “Automatic Jail,” Alcala sings, “Oh girl you make me glaze, you got me dreaming every day,” one of many lines praising cute girls that pollute his mind. While he might not be saying anything groundbreaking or mind-bending, Alcala’s lyrics speak to his band’s earnestly lovable and saccharine nature. The Jacuzzi Boys are boyishly simple and sweet almost to a fault, but the song construction on Glazin’ is tight enough not to let any mistake slip through the cracks.
Such polished perfection may be due in part to the recording process for Glazin’. While the band practices in the Gonzales family trailer in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park amidst all the trees and nature and wildness of the Florida outback, the boys headed to a real-live studio to record Glazin’, bringing polish and focus to Jacuzzi Boys’ uninhibited aesthetic.