Photo by Ivan Santiago

The lo-fi surf rock dudes from Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys have announced their sophomore album, Glazin’, is due out August 30 on Seattle-based label Hardly Art. The boys, whose goofy sense of humor surfaces in their cheesy band photos, have worked at creating a name for themselves in a town not known for its prolific music scene since 2007. Glazin’, like Jacuzzi Boys’ 2009 debut No Seasons, carves out a garage rock sound that ranges from speedy and grime-y to laid-back and groovy in order to capture the essence of Miami.

Clearly, the Jacuzzi Boys love its hometown. “Glazin'” is a word guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala made up to express a general Miami state of being and became the title of the band’s upcoming LP. The members practice in a beachside trailer in a Florida state park where bassist Danny Gonzalez lives with his family, and with no tour lined up most of their live acts take place in Florida. So far, Jacuzzi Boys may be succeeding at exemplifying its hometown; as one fan recently posted on the band’s Facebook page, “You are Miami!”

Tracklist For Glazin’:
01. Vizcaya
02. Automatic Jail
03. Glazin’
04. Cool Vapors
05. Libras And Zebras
06. Crush
07. Silver Sphere (Death Dream)
08. Zeppelin
09. Los Angeles
10. Koo Koo With You