It was a very kosher showcase at DROM NYC last night. Performing on the second night of CMJ, acts like Ivri Lider and Sagol 59 took to the stage to show off some of the best up and comers in the Israeli music scene. DROM itself is a pretty interesting venue. Situated in what seems like a basement at first, the music hall is misleadingly large inside.

One of the finest acts of the evening, Carusella, had a magnetic stage presence. There was a decent amount of hair flicking and head bobbing, but that wasn’t the sole reason why she was good. On top of some pretty intense guitar chords, the lead singer’s vocals were a good match for the spacious venue, and her voice carried out beautifully. Coming from Tel Aviv, Carusella is set to tour all of Europe this upcoming January, but they tore it up Stateside.

Another eye-catching performance came from Tamar Eisenman, who also calls herself “Eisenwoman.” Standing in the crowd, you definitely felt the girl power as Eisenman played some pretty impressive guitar chords. Maybe a mandatory year in the military isn’t such a horrible thing after all.