Listening to soundcheck carried out in an Irish accent is quite a different experience. Basically, “check one, two, check” has never sounded so charming as it did at the Music From Ireland Showcase. The showcase, which took place at the Bowery Poetry Club on Thursday October 21, featured Irish acts including Windings, James McMorrow and Kill Krinkle Club.

Windings, of Limerick, took the the stage first, playing to a meager yet enthusiastic crowd. Although the set was a bit rushed due to a late start, each of the songs themselves provided room for savoring. The first song was slow-paced, sweet and melancholy, accented by xylophone. The rest of their set was a bit more upbeat, yet remained mellow. Perhaps the best moments of the Windings set were the simple but honestly pretty purely instrumental segments that peppered each song. By the end of their set, they brought up the energy which the now larger crowd responded to enthusiastically.

James Vincent McMorrow hit the stage next, bringing a hushed acoustic tone with him. His honestly beautiful voice harbored a despondent quality which, coupled with his expressive performance style, made for a captivating set. Kill Krinkle Club performed next, mixing it up in every sense of the phrase with their fun electro pop vibe. All in all, Ireland showed what it was made of, in a variety of different ways on the Bowery.