Despite whatever feelings you may have about Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator, do not let that deter you from devouring the Odd Future-affiliated band that is the Internet. In the premiere video for the duo, made up of Syd The Kyd and Matt Martian, Syd has a seemingly innocent date at a carnival until about halfway through when things either get real bad or real good (depending on how you view it) and then end in the most ruthless way an amusement park date could end. The video for the song “Cocaine,” featuring MC Left Brain, is just as wild as its lyrics are catchy; it’s easy to get “Baby, just ignore the consequence/You look like you could use a little confidence” stuck in your head.

Syd The Kyd’s distinctive, cool and airy voice relates perfectly to the Neptunes-esque beat Martian has created. The band’s album, Purple Naked Ladies, is slated to debut at the end of the year, sometime in December to be exact, on Odd Future Records, but until then the single “Cocaine” and two additional songs, “Love Song-1” and “They Say,” are available on iTunes and streaming below.
The Internet – Love Song -1 by WeGetPress
The Internet – They Say by WeGetPress