Damon Kirkham, half of multi-genre electronic act Instra:mental, is striking out on his own under the totally awesome name of Jon Convex. His debut EP, Convexations, comes out June 13 via Martyn’s 3024 label. The three-song album will be available on 12″ and digital.

Instra:mental is composed of Kirkham, aka Kid Drama, and Alex Green, aka Al Bleek. The duo has made a name for itself mixing genres and defying the labels that often limit electronic music. Although Instra:mental has been active in the scene for a decade, it only released its debut LP, Resolution 653, last April. It ditched the skewed drum-and-bass sound for which the duo was known and adopted a more mid-tempo atmospheric aesthetic. Instra:mental emphasizes complex percussion, and it will be interesting to see if Jon Convex adheres to the same ideas that his group has. Meanwhile, Green has embarked on a solo project of his own, raising heartbeats as the London producer Boddika.