• Walwart has teamed up with Ticketmaster. The plan is to sell concert tickets from in-store video screens at Walmarts across the country, making it near-impossible to avoid blowing your paycheck on Katy Perry tickets.

  • A former Google exec just unveiled an internet radio website called Rolling.fm. The website is a complete and utter knock-off of Turntable.fm. Wow, that was fast.

  • Speaking of Turntable.fm, Lady Gaga and Kanye West are investing in the start-up. I hope I am in the listening rooms the day Kanye West takes a stab at DJing on the site.

  • Brown University’s student radio station is now an online-only 24 hour internet stream.

  • Unsure how to get your music to the radio stations that still exist? KEXP can tell you how.

  • Kings Of Leon’s management company pulled down all of the YouTube videos of Caleb
    Followhill’s onstage meltdown.
    It’s almost like it never happened? No, we’re pretty sure Kings Of Leon’s insurance company thinks otherwise.

  • Warner Music Group is still losing money, but at least it’s six percent less than it lost last quarter.

  • The UK is launching huge reforms of copyright law. The government deemed blocking file-sharing as “not effective” and is looking at other options to reduce piracy.

  • The Clash’s “Londing Calling” is now the official jingle for the 2012 Olympics. Joe Strummer probably never saw that one coming.

  • Bjork wants you to jailbreak your phones to download her new app.

  • Facebook just released a 40-page guide to getting your band noticed on Facebook. It’s called the “Musician’s Playbook” and it’s a dense read.

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