Independent Label Distribution announced its formation yesterday as a new physical and digital distributor run by indie record labels. Founded by three independent record label veterans, Lisa Fancher of Frontier, Mike Beer of Beer City and Matt Rudzinski of Tribunal, ILD was born out of a need for solid distribution for independent labels that had been perpetually stiffed, stalled, sold away or otherwise screwed by their slippery distributors.
ILD has its roots in the Richmond, VA-based boutique distributor Independent Record Collective (IRC), which was formed from the ashes of Lumberjack Mordam Music Group. When Lumberjack Mordam collapsed in 2009, employee Jason White managed to relocate some of the labels’ product into a new warehouse and begin IRC. However, when White went missing in action earlier this year, the three indie labels behind ILD decided to take matters into their own hands and restructure their distribution.
Francher of Frontier says she has lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” over the course of 30 years at Frontier because of distributors going out of business. Rather than find a new distributor, she and her colleagues opted to form the first and only American music distribution company run by independent record label owners.
The owners of ILD are not only vested in saving their own hides but also want to help other labels survive. ILD, whose catalog currently covers titles from Adolescents, the Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Hole, Dirty Rotten Imbiciles, Les Baxter, Bouncing Souls, Cannabis Corpse, Kill Whitney Dead and Turbonegro (just to name a few), has also began signing other independent labels including Anchorless, Cavity, Chunksaah, CI, Corrosive, Dionysus Records/Bacchus Archives, Init, No Way, Red Scare Industries, Riot Fest, Rodent Popsicle, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club/Springman, Six Weeks, Tankcrimes and Tribunal Records/Divebomb and more.