The members of U.K. band Imbogodom created an almost interactive experience with And They Turned Not When They Went. By using the live feeds from different locations, including Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament, Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban give us a peak at the conversations they had and the objects they touched for a better understanding of this album’s creation story. And They Turned Not When They Went, out January 24 on Thrill Jockey, catches the sounds of nature and of everyday life and translates them into tunes we can actually listen to.
In And They Turned Not When They Went, Imbogodom slows down the noise to turn it into music. The guys are able to transform the tangible aspects of their journey into sounds that turn the listening experience into a traveling experience. Tracks like opener “Borogmog’s Clock” manage to capture and interpret the passing of time and how hectic this happening can be. Other tracks sound like haunting Hitchcock thrillers; “Welcome Away” leans on a heavy wind sound to amp up the fright factor.
Imbogodom displays life snippets in its 12 tracks. In And They Turned Not When They Went, Imbogodom brings to the ear the experience of the life cycle: living, dying and feeling the time pass by in between.