Photo by Hugh Francis

Icebird is the soulful collaboration between RJD2 and Aaron Livingston, but the duo kicked off the night at Brooklyn Bowl by performing as a five piece. The ensemble executed a dynamic set that flaunted its songwriting skills, even though the music was hard to hear over the conversations in the crowd.
RJD2 reentered the stage later on wearing a full-body suit and welding mask. He had harnessed a drum pad to his crotch and began playing some sample-based hip-hop tunes. Explaining this new technology came from “extensive upgrades to the cock and balls region,” RJD2 soon returned to his DJ decks, stripped the costume and began frantically juggling vinyl. For what is essentially a DJ performance, he is a fantastic showman. With live visuals, four vinyl decks and who-knows-how-many midi controllers, RJ was a blur on the stage. Around 15 minutes into the set, he was joined by a live drummer, and the pair jammed through the rest of the night with aplomb.
RJD2 wrapped the night by calling Icebird out to the stage for two more songs to finish the show.