Los Angeles rock band the Icarus Line is releasing its newest album, Wildlife, on August 30 on Roar Scratch. The band, which formed in 1998, has had a tumultuous thirteen years, including many different incarnations composed of various members, on-and-off relationships with record labels and world tours only to then seemingly vanish for years at a time. As a result, this album was never taken for granted or assumed—it was made despite its circumstances.

Written by frontman Joe Cardamone (who helmed the the record under the constant threat of Icarus Line potentially never recording again) Wildlife was recorded in the same room at Sunset Sound that Prince inhabited when he made Purple Rain, and features guest appearances by Ariel Pink and Annie Hardy of Giant Drag. The fourteen songs that make up the album represent a new stage of Icarus Line and play almost like a debut. The first two tracks are streaming exclusively at Guitar World.

Tracklist For Wildlife:
01. King Baby
02. We Sick
03. Soul Slave
04. It’s Alright
05. Venomous
06. No Lord
07. Bad Bloods
08. Sin Man Sick Blues
09. We Want More Feat. Ariel Pink
10. All The Little Things
11. Tina Turner
12. Like A Scab
13. Wildlife
14. Elephants of Armageddon (Bonus Track)