Photo by Victor Castro

Iamamiwhoami brought their confounding moniker and glossy, silvery, Euro-angelic-isms to the Brooklyn Masonic Temple—a cool, aging venue that belies its churchly name. But leader Jonna Lee, her synth-mates, and some spooky lighting and costume changes set the stage for a romp into dancey, Purgatorial visions. The crowd was heard singing right along under Sister Lee’s vox, and a number of parishioners donned tin foil crowns (like in her “Bounty” videos), bouncing light and shadows around even more. For a group who warble out such watery, chill sounds, Lee herself got pretty energized, jumping into the crowd, knocking forehead-to-phones, and pogoing with the crowd to the more upbeat swells. When their set was done, the entire band held hands and bowed. You could see Lee’s eyes welling up with tears as the crowd responded with overwhelming and uninterrupted whistling, yelling, and applause.
Photos by Victor Castro.
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