Heems, a.k.a. Himanshu Suri of Das Racist, is having a busy year. He already released the essential Nehru Jackets mixtape back in January, and he was preparing to drop his latest mixtape, Wild Water Kingdom, today. But it sounds like Hurricane Sandy threw a big wet wrench in his plans.

We already know how college radio weathered Hurricane Sandy, but we’ve only begun to see how New York and New Jersey-based artists have been dealing with the fallout from the storm. Luckily, GQ India has debuted a track from the mixtape, the synth-heavy, Lushlife-produced “Soup Boys (Pretty Drones),” to hold you over until Heems recovers his tape from that computer in Dumbo. Listen to the track, below.
Heems – Soup Boys (Pretty Drones) by GQ_India
Heems also recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone where he discussed the aquatic inspiration behind the new tape, his Greenhead label and being called an “indie rap mogul” by Forbes. He also reveals some details about the upcoming Das Racist full-length, which you can read below.

On Relax, I was conscious to the fact that this was a commercial album, and I wanted to hit these points and these markets. I thought about it not just as an artist trying to make a weird Indian-psychedelic-pop-rap-prog-rock-reggae album. Now I’m just a little less heady about it, and we’re just putting it together in a real natural way like we did before. It should be done by the end of the year.

Watch the recently released video for the Relax stand-out “Girl” below.