Hundred In The Hands - Photo by Zach Timm

In the heavily saturated world of DIY music venues in Williamsburg, there is truly no better space than Glasslands Gallery. With the help of Popgun, who does most of the booking at Glasslands, you are guaranteed to hear the latest and greatest in the indie music scene. Friday night was no exception.
One of the most impressive performances came from Brooklyn’s My Best Fiend. The group’s blend of ethereal rock ’n’ roll was as grandiose as it was melodic. Post My Best Fiend, the show went into dance mode starting off with the infectious sounds of Bikini. His performance was nothing mind blowing since it was just one dude with his computer on the stage, but that music pumping out of the speakers contained ecstatic party jammers bathed in dreamy fuzzed-out beats that got the dance party started.
After some sound issues were solved, the Hundred In The Hands took the stage. The band’s ever-catchy post-punk, avant-pop got the crowd dancing in a frenzy to favorite tracks “Commotion” and “Pigeons.” The band also played some new songs that were well received. Eleanore Everdell’s sultry, sweet vocals were a seductive listen that perfectly mixed with Jason Friedman’s electro-punk beats.