On the strength of some fine Bandcamp cuts and numerous gigs around town, this Brooklyn bunch garnered a spot in our 2014 Bands To Watch listoid. In the live setting, Honduras’ scraggly and churning boho-party vibe is Black Lips gone yacht rock. But on this EP, they’ve coalesced their so-far fine Bandcamp output into something that is starting to furrow its brow a bit, the captains hat slipping off.
Guitars are more cutting, rhythms more full speed ahead; and singer Patrick Phillips has wrenched his dusky crooning with some edges of Mark E. Smith Brit-snide. Any bit of musical protein is encouraged as this is the kind of band that could quickly devolve into faceless with the next weed purchase. It’s head-bobbing indie pop that harbors a romantic shadow, ala early Rosebuds, best encapsulated in Jetlagged and Son—but all five songs here are stickers.

The timing for this EP is on-point, too, for if you close your eyes you can ditch all this Polar Vortex nonsense and drift away to some late June rooftop party. And the length is perfect for not feeling like you’ve hung around too long and only doing your “friend rock” duty by holding out until the end of the band’s set. The two principal members—Phillips and Tyson Moore (guitar)—started in Columbia, MO, but made their way to Bushwick where they began the band around early 2012. They’ve made a name for themselves on the Brooklyn beat, but should definitely get out on the road soon to mess up their hearts and heads a little with some soul-crushing empty gigs and flat tires. It will only deepen the sunset melancholy melodies that make goo-goo eyes up at the trashed, partying boyfriend half of this band.