Photo by Elissa Stolman

Something about disco encourages people to make out it seems. During its homecoming and tour-closing show in Brooklyn, NY, on Saturday, post-disco dance-band Holy Ghost! moved crowd members to jiggle around and make out with each other.
Although Holy Ghost! is billed as a duo, live the band consists of no fewer than six different players operating keyboards, drums, guitars and microphones. Alex Frankel, one half of the main duo, careened through a colorful and high-energy set like the ringmaster to a small synth-oriented circus. With his arms spread wide and his hair coiffed to shiny perfection, Frankel alternated between duties as vocalist, drummer and keyboard player. The members of Holy Ghost! glided fluidly from instrument to instrument, sometimes mid-song.
Two of the group’s more stationary band members camped out behind a huge, garish sound booth equipped with light panels that projected bright, simple colors into the crowd with each stroke. With the booth blaring different combinations of red, green, blue and yellow at every chord, Frankel cast quite the American Idol-ish silhouette. During “Say My Name,” he took up a position on one side of the booth, jabbing the keyboard with his right hand. About three songs into the show he peeled off a leather layer and, drumsticks held in the same hand as his microphone, rocked to the refrain from behind the keys.
For such an electronic sound, there are a lot of instruments and live playing onstage during a Holy Ghost! show. The band members have the tendency to casually bump into each other mid-song as one transitions from a small two-drum setup to the bass guitar. The positioning of instruments—like those little drums—allows bandmates to maintain eye contact through solos or bursts of synth and reveals a harmony between the musicians begot from weeks on the road.