On March 22, Dave Travis will release his completely self-shot and self-produced documentary History Lesson Part 1: Punk Rock In Los Angeles In 1984—a raw, uncut and utterly personal look into the chaotic early ’80s punk scene. The documentary focuses on four bands: The Meat Puppets, The Minutemen, Redd Kross, and Twisted Roots.

A teenager at the time, Travis (now a middle school history teacher) began recording punk rock shows in his native Los Angeles with a video camera that his father, a film industry worker, handed down to him. Travis had no assistance from soundmen or any other film pros, thus all of the footage may give off a slight bootleg vibe. Rather than detract from the DVD, that’s what will separate this documentary from other punk films like the larger budget production Decline Of Western Civilization. The real sense of what goes on in History Lesson Part 1 is exemplified in the trailer below.