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Local guitar-pop band Hints expelled nothing but friendly, bright vibes in the dimly lit Brooklyn venue, Alphaville, last Thursday evening. Hosting a showcase with other budding Brooklyn acts Strange Names and Tony Castles, the venue’s backroom cultivated rich sounds and chummy impressions. Everyone was eager to discuss how they are connected with one of the bands, promoting a local support grapevine thick enough to cut with a knife.

Hints’ lead guitarist Colin Lewis explained that they are back to playing more shows after taking a brief hiatus incited by life, work and recording their latest EP, No Regrets In Old English. Recorded with Ayad Al Adhamy (Team Spirit, Passion Pit) and mixed with Andrew Maury (RAC, Ra Ra Riot, Kisses, Panama Wedding), Benediction is the first single off the new EP and has been well received in the music circuit and is just as true to form live.

The band’s tones are greatly influenced by ’80s UK indie pop, subbing out expected synths for more spiraling guitars and ruthless drumming. Lead singer Garrett Morin adorns the fetching chord progressions with creamy vocals, reminiscent of early Smiths. Another rather unexpected hook is the visual brand of artwork displayed on previous EPs and the animated video for Benediction—perhaps a perk of each band member being a visual artist.

No Regrets In Old English is set to be self-released June 9, so keep them on your radar.

Photos by Kassy Balli