Hello Music is yet another wonderfully altruistic music company “dedicated to connecting today’s best independent musical talent to real industry opportunities, because we believe that all great music deserves to be heard,” and last night’ s showcase was a prime example of how much talent there is in the world of independent music. Featuring sets from the Bamboo Kids, Gamble And Burke, New Look, Ben Talmi and Casxio, the night was a medley of different styles and genres—each one entertaining within its own right.

L.A.-based Casxio quickly became a personal favorite of mine with their sweet-talking, comedy-infused stylings. Featuring funk-based songs like “I Just Wanna Have Sex With You” and “ Where Were You,” these guys are like the real-live version of Flight Of The Concords—and I mean season one FOTC, not even season two—with comparisons to the New Zealanders’ hit “Business Time” more than welcome.