Tim Heidecker of Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has been using unusual, awkward and extremely uncomfortable humor as a key ingredient on the sketch-based television show since 2007. Heidecker has teamed up with Davin Wood, the composer for Tim And Eric, to bring similar elements of humor to the masses in a different medium. After the two had spent a night recording a song for the show at Heidecker’s house, they ended up with a track that was a little too “sophisticated” for Tim And Eric, so they formed the band Heidecker And Wood. Not long after that accidental song discovery, the duo recorded the 12-track album Starting From Nowhere, distributed by Little Record Company.

The order of tracks on Starting From Nowhere seems like it was meticulously planned, opening with the modest applause of a fake stadium-sized audience and moving directly into the Simon And Garfunkel-style vocal harmonies and Neil Young-esque acoustic guitar finger-picking of “Cross Country Skiing.” The next track, “Right Or Wrong,” dives into a Steely Dan sound with shredding guitar lines and a ridiculous synthesizer solo, and suddenly this album turns into a mystery. Based on the first eight or so minutes of Starting From Nowhere, it’s not clear whether this entire album is a joke or a serious take on some of the worst music produced in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Somewhere between tracks “Grandest Canyon” and “Desert Island,” with epic vocals powering out ridiculous lyrics like “There’s no streets on the desert island,” it hits you that these are two qualified musicians who just can’t take themselves seriously.

The sound on each track varies somewhere between 1980s sitcom theme songs and Crosby, Stills And Nash, and overall its concept is most similar to Ween with outrageous lyrics accompanied by some instrumental talent, despite it sounding extremely corny most of the time. Heidecker And Wood’s music may not be meant for Tim And Eric, but it’s certain that any fan of the show’s comedy would enjoy chuckling to the sweet sensual sounds of Starting From Nowhere.