Austin blues-rock outfit Heartless Bastards played to a sold-out crowd at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Wednesday night. The group is touring on the trail of their 2012 release Arrow. MHOW was packed with enthusiastic HB fans: When the band came on to sound-check and tune, the audience started screaming at the top of their lungs. Their excitement was only amplified when Heartless Bastards finally began playing.
Drummer Dave Colvin started off the set with a drum solo, followed by bassist Jesse Ebaugh and Mark Nathan on guitar before they were accompanied by lead-singer and guitarist Erika Wennerstrom. The song turned out to be a cover with an interesting backstory. Once the band finished, Wennerstrom told the crowd that her father had recently sent her some recordings that her grandmother made in the 1920s. The group decided to cover one of her recordings and use it as their opening track. After playing several originals, including their hits “Only For You” and “Simple Feeling,” the band played a song off the Winter In The Blood soundtrack. The movie is based on a James Welch novel and Heartless Bastards had soundtracked some of the film. The rest of the set was filled with pulsating blues and folk rock jams spanning the band’s almost ten-year career.
Heartless Bastards closed out their show to wild, manic applause. The audience continued to cheer for the band even after their encore, almost as if they were hoping for a second one. Heartless Bastards fans are so dedicated that it seemed if the band had decided to play all night, the venue would have stayed packed until the sun came up.