The Host, alias of electronic producer Boxcutter, which is itself a pseudonym for artist Barry Lynn (An alias of a pseudonym! Whoa!), will release his debut full-length The Host on March 20 on Planet Mu Records.
To hold fans over until the release date, the Host has shared an unreleased, alternative take of a track from the album called “Summer Solstice At Cape Canaveral (Alternative Mix).” The new track is a perfect introduction to the Host’s sound, as the track is a layered, vast soundscape full of cosmic beats. A lot of the Host’s tracks have a feel of Aphex Twin at Space Camp, which makes for some great headphone noise.
Check out “Summer Solstice At Cape Canaveral (Alternative Mix)” below.
The Host – Summer Solstice At Cape Canaveral (Alternative Mix) by CMJ Network