Jack White will release his first solo album, Blunderbuss, on April 24 via Third Man/Columbia, but he’s been generous enough to doll out some early cuts from the album to make the wait easier. First we got the violent country ballad “Love Interruption” and now the former White Stripe and part-time Raconteur has graced us with the album version of garage-rock shit-kicker “Sixteen Saltines,” which he previously performed on SNL.
“I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers,” sings White over a hammering “Blue Orchid”-like riff. Is the song about some mythical saltine cracker challenge from White’s past? Just how many saltines can this guy eat? You can ponder these deep questions while listening to the ferocious song via a handy little widget below. He even kicks off the track with one of those vintage “Whoo’s” that only Jack White and certain professional wrestlers seem to get away with.

Watch the video of Jack White performing “Sixteen Saltines” on SNL, below. Also, you can watch a video of a guy trying to eat six saltine crackers in a minute and try to picture Jack White doing the same thing.