Brian Eno, the legendary British composer, musician and producer has announced Drums Between The Bells, an upcoming collaborative album out via Warp. The experimental guru will be joined by the poet Rick Holland whom he originally met with in the ’90s during a collaborative student effort in the UK called the Map-Making project. The pair has been frequently meeting up and working together since then, but up until now, nothing has ever been released. This new album is supposed to be all new material so fans will still have to wait to hear anything that the two put together before this year’s recording sessions. The physical CD release of the album will include a 44 page art book in hardback form.

“Glitch,” the album’s first single, is available as a stream below. Holland’s poetry takes on a creepy tone when put through Eno’s arsenal of effects and filters. The end result sounds a lot like a Kraftwerk vocal line but the distant drum beat and pulsating synth line keeps the whole thing danceable.

Brian Eno – glitch (taken from Drums Between The Bells) by Warp Records

Back in 2008 and 2009, Eno went on a massive North American tour with David Byrne from Talking Heads in support of Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, a collaboration between the two. Just announced today, footage from the tour as well as a show in Vancouver is now being released as a concert film with artist interviews, backstage footage and rehearsal time. Brian Eno fans are smiling today.

Tracklist For Drums Between The Bells:
01. Bless This Space
02. Glitch
03. Dreambirds
04. Pour It Out
05. Seedpods
06. The Real
07. The Airman
08. Fierce Aisles Of Light
09. As If Your Eyes Were Prtly Closed As If You Honed The Swirl Within Them And Offered Me…The World
10. A Title
11. Sounds Alien
12. Dow
13. Multimedia
14. Cloud 4
15. Breath Of Crows