San Diego psych-rapper and yoga expert Gonjasufi, aka Sumach Ecks, will release MU.ZZ.LE., a mini-album featuring 10 tracks, on January 24 via Warp, but you can check out “Feedin’ Birds,” a zonked-out track from the album, featuring the mystical vocalist and his wife, below:

Over a mercurial guitar strum, Gonjasufi spins evocative images of nature at the tipping point, but just as the song threatens to plunge into total darkness, an angelic voice rises up, turning the track into a haunting duet. As the song comes to a close, thunderous beats creep into the mix, suggesting that MU.ZZ.LE. will be an unpredictable journey down a hazy, acid-tinged highway.
You can find the tracklist and more information on MU.ZZ.LE. here.