Dallas, TX, rapper Playdough is proving that, contrary to popular belief, playdough is serious business. His newest album, Hotdoggin, came out in May, and now he’s premiering his new video for “Ya Heard” featuring Mr. Dibbs vs. the Black Keys exclusively on CMJ.

As evidenced by the promo that Playdough created for Hotdoggin, the rapper knows a thing or two about making videos that are entertaining without being self-indulgent—an impressive feat for a video that included him dancing around in a hotdog costume. The new music video cuts back and forth between scenes of Playdough rapping to the camera, onstage in front of an audience and at a party, but the focus never shifts from his piercing eyes and incredible diction. It quickly becomes clear that, despite his solid rhymes and firm presence, there is a connection between Playdough and the children’s toy of the same name: He’s a playful dude with a versatile style.