What started out as a series of piano solos by German import Hauschka has been expanded and transformed into his fifth studio album, Salon De Amateurs due April 12 via FatCat imprint 130701. Named after the club/bar in Germany where Hauschka holds his annual piano festival, this upcoming album is a departure from his previous work and focuses more on dance music.

The newest album from the classically trained composer and pianist still uses the “prepared piano” for which he is known (an instrument that’s sound is displaced by placing other objects between the strings and hammers), as well as a drum kit and orchestral accompaniment to blend classical sound with the electro-dance aesthetic.

Containing all original work, Salon De Amateurs features Grammy award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn, and collaborations with Sjon Sigurdsson, writer of the soundtrack for Dancer In The Dark.

A series of 12-inch remix EPs will follow the release of Salon De Amateurs, as well as a spring tour for which details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tracklist For Salon De Amateurs:
01. Radar

02. Two AM

03. Girls

04. Ping

05. Cube

06. Subconscious

07. No Sleep

08. Tanzbein

09. Taxi Taxi

10. Sunrise