CMJ has the latest video from Philly hip-hop artist Has-Lo. This video features the track “Limit” off of his In Case I Don’t Make It LP, released in March. The short video creates a melancholic atmosphere with creepy multi-colored masks and moody samples from John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club. This is no experimental film though, as the main focus is on Has-Lo himself, with soulful closeups of his face as he raps in front of a wall of masks.

The emcee’s dark, brooding delivery has made Has-Lo a promising up-and-comer in the Philly rap scene. The year has been good to him so far, as his signing to Mello Music Group was announced back in January. In Case I Don’t Make It is out now on iTunes.

Tracklist For In Case I Don’t Make It:
01. Utero
02. Build Jewelz
03. Everything Is
04. Fiber Optics
05. Kinetic Energy
06. Limit
07. Untitled #1
08. Sub-Ether
09. Forgotten Styles
10. Untitled #2
11. Storm Clouds
12. Years Later
13. Subliminal Oppression
14. Limbo
15. In Case I Don’t Make It