L.A.-based purveyor of 8-bit beat music, Groundislava, has released a new animated video for the instrumental “A Grass Day,” which appears on his recent self-titled debut LP. To create the video, Groundislava enlisted the help of his father, Michael Patterson, who animated A-Ha’s “Take On Me” and Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” in the ’80s.

The clip for “A Grass Day” chronicles the adventures of a dapper man in a coat and top hat, who is making his way through an illuminated space of spasmodic shapes and projections. There aren’t any ill-meaning, monkey-wrench-wielding bikers to spoil the fun this time around, but the convulsive and visually appealing video serves as a good complement to the equally jerky but beautiful song.

Groundislava LP, which the artist himself describes as being full of “video game” and “sci-fi” sounds, is out now on Friends of Friends.