DJ shows in New York are often pretty dude-heavy, unless you’re at a club in the Meatpacking District or a set by a Friends Of Friends artist. It’s been my observation that the label has a rare ability to draw a relatively high amount of girls to its live performances, and this past weekend, when LA-based FoF beatmaker Groundislava (a.k.a. Jasper Patterson) played at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY, was no exception. A lot of these girls wore semi-ironic snapback hats emblazoned with cheeky phrases like “IRL” and “MIDI.”
Groundislava also likes funny hats. The producer, also known as Jasper Patterson, wore some goofy headgear to his set at the Boiler Room in Los Angeles last month, and perhaps the same floppy black hat to Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY last Friday.
Although Patterson kept his look consistent, he was less performative in Brooklyn than his native Los Angeles. He has this way of hovering over the controller, plucking knobs and rarely glancing up at his onlookers, absorbed in his work and maybe a little shy. While his Friends of Friends labelmates and Wedidit cohorts like Shlohmo, Jerome LOL and RL Grime tend to be performative DJs—and while he himself seemed to be getting lose in the Boiler Room—Groundislava was more coy. He didn’t cook or rap along or make faces, or at least not very often; instead, he rocked a little while queuing up an assortment of house tunes with synths as glossy as glass, cramped and bass-heavy burners, and melodies that reminded me of watching my brother play Zelda on a Nintendo 64.
The Sega Genesis brand of nostalgia that radiated from Groundislava’s set peaked during one of his own tunes, “TV Dream,” a shimmering and New Wave-leaning cut from his recently-released album Feel Me. He made sure to rep the rest of his crew at FoF (and judging by his Tweets later that night, he missed them) by unleashing a few tunes from labelmates like Tomas Barfod. In fact, he elicited one of the biggest crowd responses of the night when he dropped a remix of “Changes” by the now-defunct LOL Boys (RIP).