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Last Sunday evening, beneath a crystalline topaz sky, Grizfolk played a terrific set at Montauk’s idyllic waterfront venue, the Surf Lodge. The club was packed with tanned young vacationers sporting stars and stripes, reveling in the weekend’s boozy Independence Day celebrations. Several members of the band cheerfully bounced around the sandy lounge area before the show started, cold brews in hand, catching up with old friends and chatting with delighted fans who ventured out to the Hamptons to enjoy the performance.
At about 7:25, the five-piece folk-rockers shimmied onto the stage, opening their set with a simultaneously country-inspired and electrifyingly dancey crooner, Waiting For You, the final track from their debut EP, From The Spark. As lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Roth serenaded the crowd with dreamy lyrics about longing for a lover, fans danced on tables and near the stage, arms raised in the air, clenching tropical drinks and American flags that waved in the windy sea air. After playing a couple songs, the band greeted the patriotic partiers with “Surf Lodge! USA! It’s a pleasure to be here. Thanks so much for having us. We’re Grizfolk!” then breezed into their bubbly single The Struggle. The pre-chorus, “You’re young enough to say what you feel,” perfectly captures the band’s boyish longing for eternal youth and freedom. Along with lyrics about roaming around the world in pursuit of their dreams, Grizfolk employs a smattering of water-related references in their songs, appropriate for a band made up of vagabond surf enthusiasts from Venice Beach, L.A.: “From this lonely coastline to New Orleans/I may have lost my way, but I still/know what it means to be/loved, by you, by you.”
Grizfolk stayed and partied at the venue well after their set ended, clearly enjoying the summer vibes. The band is charmingly enthusiastic about their U.S. tour, and even share a public Spotify playlist of songs they listen to on the road, titled “Roadworthy.” Grizfolk play their next show in Albany, NY, tonight at The Low Beat, then will continue onto their next all-American adventure as they tour cross the States, windows down, blonde hair flowing in the wind.
Photos by Gabrielle Dominique.