The independent Brazilian-based music festival series, Grito Rock, comes to New York tomorrow night for its United States debut show. The festival will debut with the Brazilian group Constantina performing at Piano’s on the Lower East Side. The seven-piece band has explored everything from electronic music, post-rock and Brazilian folk music in its less than a decade-long career and guarantees a lively show.

Since forming nine years ago, Grito Rock has expanded to all 27 Brazilian states, eight Latin American countries and now the US. The festival was formed by Circuito Fora de Eixo, a decentralized collaborative that promotes the sharing of free technology in order to promote social change.

Check out the website for more details on the festival and the collective that founded it. Be warned though—it doesn’t have an English translation option and of course, Google Translate made the page look like a drunk toddler snuck onto his parents’ computer, so things may get a little perplexing. Tweet at CMJ’s resident Brazilian Bruna (@1stkittykat) with any translation questions.