2:54 - Photo by Alex Eriksen

It always seems to be raining at Shea shows. A decent crowd for a Tuesday shook itself dry though dancing at Shea Stadium to sets from Gray Pages, Dive, Total Slacker and, all the way from England, 2:54. The newcomers of Gray Pages were up first and fiddled with their equipment on stage a while till a few more people filtered in. The band’s single, “Something Of A Secret,” was produced and mixed by Total Slacker’s Tucker Roundtree. Recorded at Roundtree’s Bed-Stuy abode, the single’s a dreamy pop echo well suited for a debut this fresh. Gray Pages isn’t all about slow jams though. The band belted out some good old indie pop with drummer Ben Hozie giving the drums a good stomping.
Dive’s Zachary Cole Smith wore an American flag shirt a few sizes too big. Maybe it was an actual flag at some point. Visceral shoegaze jams aren’t supposed to make people dance like they’re at a Mastodon concert, but Dive got the audience members moshing and flinging around their hair.
Total Slacker kept the energy up with plenty of onstage shenanigans from Roundtree. All in one set he knocked over the drummer’s crash cymbal, perched himself on top of an amp, spun around like a dervish, shredded while doing impromptu yoga poses and finally his favorite move: the behind-the-back thrash. The set closed out with a charging punk anthem “I Don’t Want To Be A Yuppie,” where Roundtree rails against corporate memos and organic dog food.
2:54 got in late from the airport. The band apparently went straight from JFK to Shea and took the stage around midnight. Perhaps a bit jet-lagged, the band put on a performance notably slower than the other bands on the bill, but the audience listened with interest. Sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow marry Depeche Mode lyrics with grunge/alt guitar drones. The result is noise pop that’s swampy and gloomy and has a bite, sharpened by Colette, who enjoys a good sneer as much as the next Brit band and made good use of it in the show, looking quite fierce.
Photos by Alex Eriksen.
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