Dance punk trio, Gossip, will release its fifth album, A Joyful Noise, on May 22 via Columbia Records. While recording A Joyful Noise, vocalist Beth Ditto claims she “spent the whole year listening to ABBA and not listening to the radio.” This could be a bad or good thing depending on your tolerance for poppy Swedes. The album was produced by Brian Higgins, who has worked with artists from Kylie Minogue to the Pet Shop Boys .
The band just released the first single off of the album, “Perfect World,” and it seems to be a good primer of what to expect on A Joyful Noise–a blend of danceable, guitar-driven, funky, rock sounds. Listen to “Perfect World” and check out the tracklisting for A Joyful Noise, below.
“Perfect World” by Gossip Music  
Tracklist For A Joyful Noise:
01. Melody Emergency
02. Perfect World
03. Get A Job
04. Move In The Right Direction
05. Casualties Of War
06. Into The Wild
07. Get Lost
08. Involved
09. Horns
10. I Won’t Play
11. Love In A Foreign Place