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Gorilla Biscuits and the Bouncing Souls headlined House of Vans in Brooklyn last Thursday to a lot of rowdy fans. The free shows at House of Vans are always packed and sweaty, and this was no exception. The Bouncing Souls can be counted on put on a fun show, and they noted that this was their 25th year as a band. Maybe because it was so hot and humid inside or because they were on quite a large stage, but their energy seemed a bit low compared to usual Souls shows. The crowd didn’t care, however, as they whipped up more than enough energy themselves, finger-pointing and yelling the words to the songs they know so well.
Gorilla Biscuits were next in the “Think they’ll still have it?” sweepstakes. As soon as their set started, people were jumping on and off the stage for the rest of night, and this photographer was certainly worried about the safety of her camera—not to mention her skull—but luckily those diving back into the crowd did just that, avoiding the plethora of media hounds down front. There was a huge pit throughout the night, getting more aggressive as the night went on. Many others (probably those who paid their stage-diving dues 15 years ago) opted to sing along in the back of the crowd, avoiding the sweaty masses and potential face punches of a windmiller, but still enjoying the set just as much.
Photos by Alix Piroun.