Photos by Michael Zonenashvili

Gordon Voidwell wants everyone to know that he’s from the Bronx, not Brooklyn, and we just thought we’d reinforce that here. The New York native and weirdo pop jammer got the party started well before closing with the aptly titled “Party Song” at Webster Hall last night.

Marina And The Diamonds, the moniker of Marina Diamandis, ended its Burger Queen tour on a high note, or multiple high notes. With her voice oscillating between poppy and operatic, supported by her band backing and mastery of a live pop show without frills, Diamandis performed a singalong-ridden, powerful performance. When an artist changes from enormous clogs to “bedtime slippers” that are still high heeled, it goes to show that she’s killing it in the “dedication to live show” department.

Gordon Voidwell:

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